All of our goblets are made from a variety of hardwoods. Although they are finished with food safe finishes they are designed to be decorative rather than functional. Liquids may cause permanent staining of the woods used in their creation. Clicking on any image will bring up a larger image. To order send an e-mail to Robert@Vroman-Woodworking.com with the item number you are interested in. Shipping $12.00

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7" high maple burl goblet.

No one is sure what causes burls to form on a tree. It is suspected that they may be formed due to stress or injury. Burls yield a very peculiar and highly figured wood, prized for its beauty by many; its rarity also adds to its expense. It is sought after by furniture makers, artists, and wood sculptors.



Standing 9 1/4" high this goblet is made from spalted sugar maple.

Spalted maple is the result of the decay process once a maple tree has died resulting in patterns in the wood. Once stabilized this wood is very decorative and often looks like a pen and in drawing with the wood.

This particular piece includes a greed stripe which is the result of a metal tap placed in the tree to collect sap at some point in its history. The tree was harvested from a sugar grove that has been in the family for over 100 years and was used to make maple syrup for many generations.



Made from American black walnut this goblet stands 11" tall.



Made from American black walnut this goblet stands 8 1/2" tall.



Made from rosewood this goblet stands 8 1/2" tall.



Made from American cherry this goblet stands 9 3/4" tall.