Smaller Items

Smaller Items

Wine Bottle Stoppers




All wine bottle stoppers are made from a variety of domestic and exotic hard woods with stainless steel stoppers. Each one is $29.00.

To order simply send an E-mail to with the product number of the bottle stopper you are interested in. Larger pictures are available upon request.

We are in the middle of our "Name Your Price" Inventory Blowout! Just name your price for any item on our website.


Available Wine Bottle Stoppers
BS_001 TN_SBS_001 BS_002 TN_BS_002
BS_007 TN_BS_007 BS_008 TN_BS_008
BS_014 TN_BS_014 BS_018 TN_BS_018
BS_019 TN_BS_019 BS_020 TN_BS_020
BS_021 TN_BS_021 BS_022 TN_SBS_022
BS_027 TN_SBS_027 BS_030 TN_BS_030
BS_032 TN_BS_032 BS_033 TN_BS_033
BS_034 TN_SBS_034 BS_035 TN_SBS_035
BS_039 TN_BS_039 BS_040 TN_BS_040





























BS_043 TN_SBS_043 BS_052 TN_BS_052
BS_063 TN_SBS_063_1  



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All of our pens are hand made from a variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods. They are refillable with standard Cross® or Parker® ink cartridges. Larger pictures are available upon request.

To order simply send an e-mail to with the product number of the pen you are interested in.

All Pens are $44.00 unless otherwise indicated.


PN_003 TN_SPen_003
PN_012 TN_SPen_012
PN_016 TN_SPen_016
PN_034 TN_Pen_034
PN_035 TN_Pen_035
PN_036 TN_Pen_036
PN_037 TN_Pen_037
PN_042 TN_Pen_042
PN_046 TN_Pen_046
PN_048 TN_Pen_048
PN_051 TN_Pen_051
PN_053 TN_Pen_053
PN_056 TN_Pen_056
PN_057 TN_Pen_057
PN_058 TN_Pen_058
PN_059 TN_Pen_059
PN_060 TN_Pen_060

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We currently do not have any ornaments in stock, however production for the 2015 Holiday season will start soon. Below are pictures of past ornaments we have made. All ornaments are hollow on the inside so they are very light and will not bend the branches of your tree.

TN_ORN_008-5 TN_ORN_002-4 TN_SORN_006-2
TN_SORN_001 TN_ORN_003-1 TN_ORN_004-1
TN_ORN_005-2 TN_SORN_007-1 TN_ORN_009

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